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Vivian Andersen

Iā€™m Vivian Andersen...

Born in Calgary, and passionate about being a doula.

When my children were grown I embarked on a journey to meet vocation with my passion of supporting women and young families. I became a doula to do just that. I have been a certified birth doula since 2008, and certified postpartum doula since 2015.

I also add skills from my nursing career some of which include a penchant for research and learning, the importance of being with, communication skills, and the ability to get along with healthcare professionals.

Feedback I have received about my birth and postpartum doula services is that I am a calming presence, empathetic, resourceful, and supportive to both the birthing mother and father.

I continue to improve my doula practices through education, learning from others including other doulas, and parents.