Bethany Galster

Nichelle Williamson

LCCE, CD(DONA), HypnoBirthing

My name is Nichelle Williamson...

I am a certified professional birth Doula CD(DONA), a certified childbirth educator LCCE , and HypnoBirthing practitioner. I am a mother to 9 biological children as well as 3 adopted,  7 boys & 5 girls. Two sons are married & my first grandchild was born in June. I have both personal & practical life experience as well as formal training in helping families navigate the journey into parenthood. I started working as a doula in Nelson BC 15yrs ago.  I'am comfortable and confident in all birth in all birth environments, home or hospital. I trust the body to know how to birth. I aim to help normalize and demystify birth, through education & preparation, installing a calm assuring presence. I love anything birth & baby related it is totally my "gig".  My philosophy is simple; I support parents and families,... individually customizing and tailoring my care according to "your" birth plan. Birth is "above us" and each birth is unique.