I love my job (that is an understatement)! I feel very passionate about all things pregnancy, birth, babies & photography! I am very lucky that I have found a job that fulfills my passions so fully. I truly am honoured to be invited into so many families birth spaces and given the privilege of guiding and supporting them on their birth and parenting journeys and capturing images that will remind them of this monumental time in their lives.

Born and raised in Calgary, I married my high school sweetheart. His incredible support allows me to do this job that is not always predictable. The other loves of my life are our 3 children Wyatt, Lincoln & Nova. They have also been instrumental in my work as a doula. Through my 3 different birth experiences with them, they have led me to this work and reminded me of the importance of support. They inspire me to notice those small moments in life where everything slows down and you are forced to take notice of how precious life is. It is because of them that I pick up my camera most often. Photos allow me to freeze those precious moments and go back to them over and over again.