Bethany Galster

Maria Fountain PCD(DONA)

My whole life...

I have loved babies and children! I’ve babysat, taught, and been nanny to them ever since I was young. I am mother to an awesome 11 year old daughter.

I have spent at least 15 years in Mexico (I speak Spanish), where simple and natural are the common way of doing things. My whole life I’ve been exposed to natural birth, breastfeeding and mothering. 

In Canada, there seems to be so much information (mostly through internet) and so many “right” ways of doing things, that new mothers can be very confused, and be drawn away from just listening to their instincts, and to their baby, and thus mothering the way nature intended.

In my opinion one the best things about hiring a postpartum doula is the peace a mom can have, knowing that there is a supportive, knowledgeable, and experienced woman to be on hand and be a help with whatever she needs. She can breathe easier and feel that she is not alone through this transitioning period of life."