Bethany Galster

Laura Anderson

Your Day Doula

Within you is everything you need to birth well… 

and it’s my job to help you on that path. 

I am a DONA certified birth doula, working towards certification in childbirth education.  I am also a wife & mom of two kids in elementary school, and I love the field trips and volunteering that are a perk of motherhood!  I have a house full of animals, love to travel the world, and take dance classes of every kind, especially ballet barre. 

I believe it’s so important to attend to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth and becoming a parent.  Birth is so much more than an event; it’s a transformation!  I know first-hand the benefits of practicing daily relaxation and meditation in improving physical and emotional well-being, and I have seen amazing results in helping my clients to find ways to incorporate self-care into their pregnancy, birth and parenting in ways that work for them.

I truly believe that every woman deserves to experience birth feeling supported, respected and cared for.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to support families in having the best birth experience possible!