Bethany Galster

Kate Hunter (CD) DONA

Meitera Doula Care

Being able to support...

and empower people in their experiences of pregnancy and labour is a tremendous joy for Kate. Her journey to becoming a doula began in and is powerfully informed by Kate’s own experiences in pregnancy and birth, where she came to know on another level the brilliance and strength of her body. Through her team of midwives, doulas, and self-propelled education, Kate was inspired by her own innate capacity to carry and then bring forth life into the world. Birthing for Kate has been profoundly meaningful and empowering: experiences she longs to see had by all mothers. Knowing that her experience is the exception within the modern medical system, Kate is passionate about countering the culture of fear and dis-empowerment that unnecessarily and all too often haunts birth stories by offering dynamic emotional and physical support for pregnant and birthing individuals. Kate counts it as a privilege and honor to share in what is one of the most transformational and important processes present in women’s lives, and looks forward with excitement to the future of her evolving practice.