Frequently Asked Questions 

How much can I expect to pay for a doula?

For a fully certified, experienced birth doula in Calgary you can expect to pay between $900.00 and $1500.00. For a fully certified, experienced postpartum doula you can expect to pay between $30.00 and $40.00 an hour. If cost is an issue please inquire with our Referral Line Coordinator about non-certified doulas, as their costs can be lower. We believe that every woman deserves a doula and we work to ensure that anyone who wants a doula can have one.

What type of packages are offered?

Each doula will offer services based on their style and preference. Most offer a free no-obligation meeting to see if you are a good fit and have similar ideals. A prenatal meeting or two may also be included in the package, though this is doula dependant. Some offer additional postpartum support, breastfeeding/bottle support, placenta encapsulation, photography or many other useful services. We encourage you to research multiple doulas to find one who offers the support you are looking for. 

How will my doula interact with the Medical Staff?

Your doula is with you for support. Doulas are not medically trained and respect the position of the doctors, midwives and nurses within the birth or postpartum team. Your doula is not there to offer medical advice, but to give you emotional, physical, and informational support. We have found that most medical professionals encourage the use of trained and certified doulas. 

If a woman has her partner, does the doula become redundant?

The question often arises as to whether partners feel left out with a doula present. The answer is absolutely not! Doulas do not replace the birth partner in any way. When it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenting, partners are the most important members of the mother's support team. They are actively involved in easing the mother's labour pain, welcoming the baby at the moment of birth, and helping to care for the newborn at home. Birth and postpartum doulas are there to help the partners and mothers experience this special time together with confidence.

It is often forgotten that partners are experiencing this labour too. In the emotionally charged atmosphere of birth, many partners have a hard time remembering what was taught in class, or read in a book. A doula is present at a birth to lend support and confidence to the partner just as much as she is there to help and comfort the mother. As one father said, "I heaved a big sigh of relief when she (the doula) walked in. I hadn't realized how much pressure I had been feeling. She not only calmed my wife, she calmed me down." (quote from Dads and Doulas by Penny Simkin)

Will the doula impose her own beliefs on my birth experience?

A doula's main goal is to make this birth a positive experience for you, whatever your definition of positive is. You meet beforehand so she can become familiar with your birth preferences and she works with you to help achieve this as much as situationally possible.

My mother is coming after the baby is born, why do I need a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula does not replace your mother or other family support but has a broad range of current knowledge and a skill set that complements the love and care that you receive from family.