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The Calgary Doula Association is not an accrediting body but a society of independently employed Doula's. We do not claim responsibility for any actions of the members of the organization.

Our non-certified doulas are working towards certification with DONA International and have been trained by a DONA-approved trainer. Click here to see what qualifications are required to be a Certified Doula. 

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Whether you are just starting out as a new doula, have been a doula in another location or would just like to join a supportive network of like-minded doulas -- we would like to welcome you to the Calgary Doula Association!  

The Calgary Doula Association is DONA based and requires that all of our members attend a DONA approved training workshop, abide by and adhere to the Association's Bylaws, a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as well as our Internet Policy. Click below for more information.

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