Bethany Galster

Bethany Galster CD(DONA)


But the experience of birthing my own has formed me as the doula that I am today. I developed pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome and severe IUGR (absent end diastolic flow) at 25 weeks and had to deliver my firstborn at 26 weeks. What ensued was 4 months of ups and downs and learning throughout our time in the NICU. My second pregnancy was followed very closely as I was considered very high risk.   

I carry unique knowledge.

Not only have I attended over 30 births of all varieties (home, hospital, low risk, high risk, etc) but I have personal knowledge of how to have an empowered birth even in extremely stressful medical situations.

A change in plans doesn't have to mean traumatic. 

While I can in no way guarantee a flawless birth, I hope that I can help empower you to know all of your options, be prepared for the upcoming transition, and eliminate anxiety when it comes to childbirth. 

I am particularly passionate about families who are anticipating a NICU stay, or mothers who are high-risk.